A fart can be a small thing ...
or it can rearrange your entire morning!"


One little sound starts a series of events which soon entangles the whole family in a kitchen of mayhem! Based on a true story! (well, maybe a bit)


It's also great fun for two or more to read together, with one reading the story and the others making the sound effects! Enjoy the noise!



ISBN - 978-0-9958510-4-7

Text & Illustrations © Jaye Krebs


...sometimes it may take you places that you didn’t expect. What was that noise? Well, a good imagination can conjure up a lot of different possibilities and some may be quite scary! But after you find out what is actually making that noise, then, when you hear that noise again, you will remember what it was and you won’t be scared!



ISBN: 978-0-9958510-6-1

Text & Illustrations © Jaye Krebs


A good imagination is a fantastic thing...

but sometimes...

You think your kids are a bit crazy? 

No worries. This book will ease your concerns... these things have been happening since the dawn of time! Parents have also been crazy for thousands of years, but, after all, they're just big kids!




Text & Illustrations ©  Jaye Krebs

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